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Floor Plan's

Floor plans are useful for role playing games and sometimes useful in wargames.  They can be purchase, either from shops or downloaded, but also some are available for free to download from fans websites.  I have even done my own (download 376kb zip), they are pretty basic but dose the job.  Also there are also a number of websites where you can download card models to use in your games.

The following websites is a small selection where you can obtain floor plains and card models from;.

Free Resources

Fiona Adores Heroes A fans site that includes dungeon and sewers floor plans.
Crooked Staff Productions 28mm dungeon floor plans, includes files that you can use to design your own plans.
Germs World Free 3D floor plans, plus other stuff.
Oversoul Games Dungeon floor plans and paper miniatures.
HeroQuest Ye Old Inn New tiles for the HeroQuest board game, but could be easily used with 28mm miniatures.
Greywolfs Warhammer Quest Page New tiles for the Warhammer Quest, but could be easily used with 28mm miniatures.
Greywolfs Map Tiles Floor plans for RPG.
Dungeoneering.Net A fans free floor plans community website.
Will's hand made Dungeon Floor Plans Dungeon Floor Plans.
Wizards of the Coast A selection of 28mm card buildings which are free to download.
Fitz Role Playing page A fans website with a selection of card buildings.
Visions in Paper Paper models and miniatures, very useful site.

Web Shops

Fantasy Cutouts 28mm card buildings and SF tanks, including a free sample.
Whitewash City 28mm Wild West buildings and floor plans.
Skeleton key games 28mm fantasy floor plans.
Steve Jackson Games 28mm floor plains (Dungeon, Caverns, Starships and poster size plans).
World Works Games 28mm card models for gamming.
Fat Dragon Games Card models and plans for RPG and wargames.
Ebbles Miniatures Card models for RPG and wargames.
RPG Now A web shop that sells pdf files of RPG books and floor plans.


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