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Flintloque Links

Web Pages

Alternative armies The publishers of Flintloque website.
Barking Irons A gaming web page which is supported by Alternative Armies.
Orcs in the Webbe A Flintloque resource website with articles and scenarios.  A must for all fans of Flintloque.
Tiyo's Flinloque Page A fans website dedicated to Flintloque.
Felix's Gaming Pages A wargamers website that has pictures, articles and scenarios about Flintloque.
Somerset Wargames A wargames club website with a Flintloque page that contains pictures files of flags for Flintloque, which you can print off and stick on your miniatures.
Chimerae Italian website with Flintloque rules and scenarios in Italian for Italian gamers.
Napoleon, His Army and Enemies A History website about the battles, tactics, commanders, uniforms and maps of the Napoleonic Wars.

News Groups

The Notables The official Flintloque news group.
Historcy Yahoo Group A independent news group which supports games like Flintloque.


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