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Fantasy Fleets

I have been interested in Fantasy Naval game for a while, but there are not many published rules system available.  I got interested into fantasy naval games because of an old Games Workshop game called Man O War (more later). 


The following rules system are available to play fantasy naval games.

The Uncharted Seas

Uncharted Seas is a fantasy naval game by Spartan Games and is the newest fantasy naval game system on the market. It has its own range of miniature ships and monsters.  I have not played it but have heard good things about it and the ships look fantastic.

Strange Tydes

Strange Tydes is a set of fantasy naval rules by Wessex Games, design for using historical 17th and 18th century naval miniatures that are currently available on the market.  I have not played them myself but they meant to be simple, ideal for beginners and dose not cost much.

Man O War

Man of War is an old Games Workshop game that had its own range of miniatures, now long out of print but still very popular.  Some people say it is the best game that Games Workshop ever published.  It is easy easy to learn and play.  The Man O War rules had two supplements, Sea of Blood and Plague Fleets to expand the game, but because it is out of print and very collectable it can be expensive to acquire.  It can be acquired from various 2nd hand shops and auction sites like ebay, but some sellers do over price the rules and the miniatures, so I recommend take your time looking and you may get it at a reasonable price (i.e., An squadron of three Imperial Galleys should not cost you no more than 10).   One way to make it cheaper is too source alternative ships or scratch build your own.  I recommend you join the Sea of Claws news group, because its it is a great resource of information on Man O War.  More information on Man O War can be found on Board Game Geek.

Other Rules

There are a number of free rules systems on-line, but they need some work or you could write a supplement to an historical set of naval rules.


There are many company's that sell historical naval miniatures, but only a few that sell fantasy ships.  Here are a few;

Green Forest Trading Co  sells 1:1200 scale fantasy ships.  About the same scale for Man O War.

Spartan Games ships are larger than most manufactures, but could be used with other rules, other than The Uncharted Seas.

There are a large number of company's that sell Historical Ships that could be used in fantasy navel games like Strange Tydes, here is a list of a few company's websites, but there are many more.

Langton Miniatures

Peter Pig




Outpost Wargame Services

Also you can build your own ships.  Ralf Schemmann's website show you how to scratch build your own ships for Man O War.



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