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Doctor Who Miniatures Wargames

I have be interested in Doctor Who miniatures for a while, but only just got around in painting them up.

There have been a few company's who had the licence to produce Doctor Who miniatures.  Harlequin miniatures did do a great range before they went out of business. But the good news is that Black Tree Design has still got stocks (through now very low) of the Harlequin Miniatures range and also they do sometimes come up on eBay.

Also there is a range of collectable toys miniatures based on the new Doctor Who series, called Doctor Who Micro Universe. They are about the same scale of the Harlequin miniatures, but they are now out of production (2009) and can be found in bargain bins and on eBay.

Citadel Miniatures (Games Workshop) back in the 1980s  had a range of 25mm Doctor Who miniatures and they sometimes do come up on eBay.

Also the BBC children magazine, Doctor Who Adventures has a free toy in each issue, sometimes the toy is the right scale for 28mm.  A new Dalek toy  (sometimes know as a idalek) has been produced which is the right scale, about once a year they come with the magazine or check ebay.

Available Rules

Doctor Who Miniatures Game
The owner of this web site has developed a complete rules system called "Doctor Who Miniature Game" for downloading, with additional downloads for monsters and scenarios.  The rules are very highly recommended because they try to recreate the Doctor Who's stories and not just a set of short them up rules.  The 2nd edition is now available to download and there is also a news group to discuss the rules.

Doctor Who Invasion Earth
Doctor Who Invasion Earth is the only set of commercial wargames rules published for Doctor Who, now out of print.

Matakishi's Tea House
The owner of this web site has developed many rules systems, including a set called Alien Invasion, which he has now developed profiles for Doctor Who games.

The Wonderful World of Nozza
The owner of this web site has developed profiles for the "Chain Reaction 2" and "5150" rules, including Doctor Who (Chain Reaction 3 is now available to download for free form Two Hour Wargames.).

The South London Warlords games club have developed their own rules, "War of the Daleks".  Worth checking out.

Alternative Miniatures

There are now many great 28mm miniatures manufactures that you can find additional miniatures from, to enhance your Doctor Who Games.

I can recommend for UNIT troops the "Mo-Fo Falklands" British Troops from Gripping Beast, because they are a good match with the Harlequins UNIT miniatures.  but if you want Ultra Modern miniatures for UNIT then check out The Assault Group.

For vehicles for UNIT , check out Chieftain Models, Sands Models and Sloppy Jalopy.

For Resistance fighters, check out the WWII resistance fighters from Black Tree Design and Bolt Action Miniatures (now owned by Warlord Games).  Also check out "The Geezers ('Shut it')" range from Killer B Games, some could be useful.

Gripping Beast also got some very interesting miniatures from Woodbine Design (TWDC Specials), very useful if you want to run a "Family of Blood" scenario.

Crooked Dice have also produced some very interesting miniatures, once you seen them you probably will want them.

Heresy Miniatures have also got some very useful miniatures, check out their Sci-Fi range for "Dr Hugh McCrimmon", "Dr Masterson", "The Inspectors" and a few others.  Also from their fantasy range the "Giant Slugs" could be used as the maggots from "The Green Death" story.

Hasslefree miniatures have also some useful miniatures, including "Maria (HFA005)", that could be easy be converted into "Rose" by changing the gun into a mobile telephone.

Black Cat Bases has got a large range of miniatures, one could be used as "Captain Jack".

Artizan Designs and Copplestone Castings are worth checking out, and there are many other companies which you could use their historical miniatures to recreate a Doctor Who story.


This is pretty obverse, the entire range of BBC videos, DVDs and any Doctor Who books with great pictures.  I can recommend a series of books; Doctor Who, Monsters and Villains, Aliens and Enemies, Creatures and Demons (now combined into Doctor Who: The Ultimate Monster Guide (2009)) (List of reference books).

Doctor Who Games Websites

Unit HQ - Great pictures, scenarios and new rules for the "Doctor Who Invasion Earth" game.

Morval Earth - Has got a Doctor Who page with scenarios ideas.

Time Lord RPG - A complete Doctor Who role playing game, free to download. Worth a look.

Free D&D and D20 rules - Role playing rules links site, with links to Doctor Who games rules.

Paper Miniatures Annex - Doctor Who paper models.

The Crows Nest - Doctor Who paper miniatures (on the "RPG stuff" page).

Cubicle-7 - The publishers of a new role playing game; "Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space".

General Doctor Who Web Sites

The Doctor Who Official Site - The BBC official Doctor Who page.

Outpost Galifrey - Doctor Who news, forum, archives and web guide.

The Mind Robber - A excellent web site about Doctor Who with articles, photos and much more.

Dalek Spotting - A Spotting Guide to the Common Dalek.

Doctor Who Image Archive - A web pages of Doctor Who photos from the series.

Doctor Who Reference Guide - A reference web site for Doctor Who Story's, books, DVDs, Videos, etc..

Who is Who - Anther fan site.

News Groups

I recommend that your join the Doctor Who Invasion Earth news group.  It was set up the support the Doctor Who Invasion Earth rules, but its members are interested to discuses alternative rules systems and anything Doctor Who.  Also the Doctor Who Miniature Game news group is also worth joining



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