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Flintloque - 3rd Edition

Here is my page with ideas for Flintloque, 3rd edition.

New Skills and Abilities - New Skills, Traits, Flaws and Spells. 

The Othari (pdf) - Rules profile for the Othari.

Halflings Weapons (pdf) - New weapons profiles.

The Minotaurs of Threshly - A new race for Flintloque.

The Purrsian Cats - A new race for Flintloque.

The Swizzic Republique (pdf) - A complete profile which The Notables news group helped to developed.

Specialist Kits - New Skills, Traits and Flaws.

Building Actions - Article about fighting in buildings.

Magicke Artifacts for 3rd edition Flintloque

Alternative Skills and Magic System

New Actions for Flintloque - Rules expansion article.

Night Fighting - Rules expansion article.


The following articles I have submitted to the Flintloque advent calendar on the Orcs in the Webbe website.

Raid on Rippoli - A scenario based on the First Barbary War (2009).

Stampede - Rules supplement about stampeding animals (2009).

The Turtle - A article about a Submarine in Flintloque (2009).

The Block House - A scenario about Dark Elf Guerrillas attack on an Ferach Elf staging post (2010).

The Cossack War Wagon - A scenario and rules on the Cossacks War Wagon (2011).

The Pegasus Hussars - A profile and rules about the Pegasus Hussars (2012).

The Mummies Tomb - A scenario about robbing the Great Pyramid of Aegypt (2013).


Also I had published a few Flintloque articles in the "The Society of Fantasy & Science Fiction Wargamers" fanzine, "Ragnarok" (back issues are available).

Shiploque - Naval Rules for Flintloque, 2nd edition (Ragnarok 54).

More Shiploque - Expansion rules for Shiploque (Ragnorok 55)

Sub-Loque - Submarine rules for Shiploque (Ragnarok 56).

Stinkrot's Big Job - Shiploque scenario (Ragnarok 57).

The Further Adventures of Stinkrot the Pirate - Shiploque scenario (Ragnarok 57).

Shiploque for the 3rd Edition - Discussion article about upgrading the Shiploque rules to the 3rd edition of Flintloque (Ragnarok 57).

Magicke Artifacts for Flintloque - Magic items for Flintloque, 3rd edition (Ragnarok 58) (Expanded version).

The Shopping Trip - Flintloque scenario (Ragnarok 60).


The Block House Scenario Map

The Block House Scenario Map (currently missing from the scenario).


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