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League Equipment

Examples of some of the inventions that has been developed by the players.

Woven Steel

This is a procedure for making flexible, fabric-like material from steel, from which effective body armour can be constructed. A woven steel vest will reduce the wound value of any weapon that hits it by 2. If this reduces it to zero, the weapon has no effect.  However, the vest does not protect the entire body. Roll a die, and on a roll of 1 or 2, the attack hits a part of the body not protected and does normal damage.  5 lbs.  10.

Preserved Food

A means of storing food that retains the taste, nutrition, and palatability of food for longer periods than conventional methods such as canning or drying.  3 lbs per meal.  20/- per meal if purchased, otherwise regular, non-canned food price.

Space Suit

Allows free movement in a vacuum.  The suit will function for 9 hours without recharging its oxygen system.  20 lbs.  20.

Diving Suit

This allows a diver to swim independently, free of an air hose to the surface.  The diver may remain submerged for 40 minutes.  5 lbs.  20.


A substance with bactericidal properties that can be ingested by mouth, applied topically, or injected into the body using
a hypodermic syringe.  Severe infections and fevers can be cured within days using this compound.  10 doses per ounce.  3 per dose.

Walking Tripod

This is a tall land vehicle which walks on three articulated legs.  It is capable of crossing most terrain types and can wade in up to 20 feet of water.  Its speed 8 mph. It is armour-plated and has an armour value of 1.  It may be equipped with a machinegun or field gun.  2 tons.  1000.  Power: 1/2 ton of coal every eight hours.


A very fast boat that rides up out of the water on its hydrofoils. Speed 60 knots.  It has a crew of three and a machinegun.  It may replace the machinegun with room for two passengers.  5 tons.  1000.  Power: 1 ton of coal per day.

Hertzian Wave Communicator

Also known as a radio or wireless telegraph, the Hertzian wave communicator transmits electric signals through the ether without recourse to a wire.  These communicators may only be invented.  The device reliability determines both the maximum range of the device and its required power level.  10 lbs per energy level.  10 per energy level.  Power: Equals reliability.

Reliability Range (Miles)
1 10
2 100
3 1000
4 100,000
5 1,000,000
6 10,000,000

Lightning Cannon

Projects a bolt of lightning toward a target and may only be fired at large targets, such as ships or dinosaurs.  It has an effective range of 200 yards and both a penetration and damage value of 1.  10 tons.  500.  Power: 1.


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