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Members of the League

Will Adams

A Englishmen, brought up in the far east, became a Martial Arts Master, Married a Martian Princess and had to leave the League to bring up his clutch of kids (His wife insisted).  

Rewards; Honouree Citizen of Shasonia.

James Bond

Member of the Royal Navy and a great addition to the League.

Professor Challenger

An accomplished inverter and explorer, lead many missions for the League, But now retired to pursue his own interests.  The Germans still got a reward on his head of £1000 and claims he is a pirate (claimed savage rights on a German Flyer).

Rewards; Honouree Citizen of Shasonia.

Victoria Albertine Challenger

A heroic young lady and wife of Professor Challenger.  Have retired from the League to start a family.

Miss Elizabeth Farmer

Former member of the League and Miss Mylène Farmer's sister.  Someone who always seemed to know the right people in the criminal fraternity.  She left the league after attempting to execute John Simmons (see below).

Miss Mylène Farmer

You could never keep any secrets from her.  Has extensively knowledge about the technology of Ancient Mars, expert with explosives; highly decorated and formidable field commander.  Was married to Charles Huxley, now divorced.  Her husband ran off to India with the nanny, who was older than Mylène. Oddly enough Mylène doesn't seem to age these days.  There was a rumour that she had a love affair with King Kong (Tattlers News).  She also has a volcano on Mars named after her  (Well, she did create it). 

Rewards; Bronze Royal Victorian Medal and a Honouree Citizen of Shasonia.  Also has an Albion Civil War medal, for being the successful general in charge of the Royalist army in the Albion civil war (Small people with English civil war weapons against machine guns didn't stand a chance). And she also has the Crescent of Manipur for flattening a Nepalese city and capturing it's leader of whom it was rumoured "He would never be harmed by a man". And he wasn't.

Sir Godfrey (dec.d)

A Lord with connection to Royalty, extremely rich and had a long career in the colonies.  He thought he was the leader of the League, but nobody took any notes because of his stupidity.  Rumours said that he died when he invaded Venus by himself.

Jack Harse

Lived up to his name because he could not keep his mouth shut and needed to prove himself to others.  Was well know as a Freak in the East End of London because he could move objects with his mind and was banned from the explores club for brawling in the street.  The Police still wants to talk to him about reports of assaults and damage to property.  His whereabouts is unknown.

Charles Huxley

Left the League because he was growing to much hair and needed a midnight snacks when the moon was full.  Divorced from Mylène Farmer (He ran off with the nanny) and now living in India. 

Rewards; Silver Royal Victorian Medal.

Jacob Johnson

Hunter and Tracker.  A good man to have in a fight, but not a good man to be in front of if you have a title!  Likes explosives and has learnt a lot about them recently.  

Rewards; Honouree Citizen of Shasonia.

Adam Monroe

One of the youngest members of the League, but has a manner of a much older and wiser man. Rumours says that he is a Freak who dose not age and always returns from missions.

Peter Parker (dec.d)

Sort lived member of the League.  Nobody saw his face because he wore a Greek mask.  He was extremely fast and throw a strange sticky substance at his enemies to subdue them.  Rumours said that he drunk blood to live and had a fetish about spiders.

Max Powers

Former member of the league.  Was getting an reputation for extreme GBH and there was a rumour that he made his wealth from buying and selling slaves on Mars.  Was captured by the Germans on Mars (The Germans denied the claim).  Rumours says he is alive and now working as a German agent, possibly on Venus.

Elvis Pres-Lee (dec.d)

Was a very arrogant young man from the orient.  A martial artist  who attempted to become more English, but did manage to preformed some heroic deeds.

Rewards;  Bronze Royal Victorian Medal.

Peter Roughdiamond

A trader (some people say smuggler) and ex-mechanic of the Merchant Navy. Was born in the East End of London and well know there (especially with the ladies).  Married to Betty (Mylène Farmer was the matchmaker), was love at first site and got married in days (The shotgun helped). 

Rewards; Honour Citizen of Shasonia, Bronze Royal Victorian Medal and the Star of Manipur.


Inventor (holder of more than 20 major patents), Sorceress, Vampire, Surgeon, Pilot, Naval Architect, Engineer, Gunner. Has a wide ranging scientific knowledge; one of three members of the current league suspected of being able to fix any Martian technology encountered; a surprisingly formidable hand-to-hand combatant (with the decorations awarded to show it); tall and half - Egyptian. 

Rewards; Dame Commander of The Royal Victorian Order, Crescent of Manipoor, Star of Manipoor, Honouree Citizen of Shasonia. and is a Honorary member of the Ettzll noble family.

John Simmons

A man of many faces, short tempered and did not make friends easily.  Throw out of the League for attempting to murder Colonel Lazar Pushkin, a serving Russian Officer, while he slept.  He was taken back to Syritis Major (Mars) in disgrace.  Currently his situation is not know and is wanted by the Authority's, Russians, Germans (with a reward) and the criminal fraternity.

Dania Vale

A strange lady with strange powers.  Not much is really know about her.

John Wayne

An American Mountaineer and animator inventor.  One of the most accomplish members of the League and dose like his scientific equipment made by Mr Gatling.

Rewards;  Bronze Royal Victorian Medal and is a Honouree Citizen of Shasonia.

All the above characters have been developed for a Role Playing game and not meant to be a comment on any living or deceased person nor an infringement on anybody's copyright.

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