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Campaign Rules

Each Games Master will have his own ideas on how he runs his games.  His group might meet weekly or bi-weekly, but for the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Campaign, we meet monthly for a game that last all day.

In our campaign we follow the following rules;

Each month each player in the campaign should put give in a turnsheet (In some cases it is not needed or it is done by a email) that represent a three month game period.  Each character will gain 1 General Experience Point per month, so giving the character 3 General Experience Points per turnsheet.

Characters can gain an income from their careers – they must specify they are working on their turnsheets to gain this. Refer to wealth for income of character.  This will not affect the 1 general experience point gained each month but may restrict other investigative activities.  Characters can use these sheets to further investigate scenario events, which if done in a way which relates to their character’s objects, could gain extra Renown Points or scientific knowledge.

Players must complete a cost summary of their expenditure this will consist of accommodation* , food *, entertainment (music hall and society functions), servants, Inventions and travel (* none for army, navy and service personal as supplied for them).

Associate NPC will affect this as follows. Aristocracy (SL 6) characters servants must be paid for out of income except where they are “batman” when the services pay.  Adventuress characters wealthy male companion normally would be insulted if she paid for any living expenses and will buy all the impractical clothing and jewellery he thinks she needs.  Personal Servants will have all living expenses paid by their “master”. Master criminals will need to meet the expectation of rewards from they henchman.  Aristocracy and Wealthy Gentry can assume they have both a country estate and London town house these should be staffed and maintained to an appropriate standard.


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