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Background of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Sir Theodore Henry Baker Smythe started this secret British Government organisation in 1884 with the intention of supporting the interest of King and Country. It recruits from exceptional people who have proved to be resilient or have special talents to further British objectives. These are usually British citizens though sometimes foreigners, usually from the Empire, who have demonstrated their loyalty to the Crown. Sir Theodore natural recruitment ground are members of the “Exotic Explorers Club” (see below) and in the past funded expeditions by the EEC have been used as cover for LEG’s activities.

It tends to carry out missions which will increase Britain’s prestige, or wealth, or maintain its power, against very nasty foreigners, aliens and anything which the normal authorities are unable to cope with. Details for missions is usually communicated through the EEC, but members who are away from London get the call via post or personal messenger. Any background briefing required, including access to relevant (secret) documents, or those which only have a single copy, are carried out in one of the EEC bedroom lounges.

Details of HQ Team

Sir Theodore:  Is administrative head of the League and has not been known to go on active missions.  He is known to have been a Colonel in one of the better cavalry regiments serving both in India and the Far East.  He seems very knowledgeable of Mars and thus is likely to have spent some time out there.  He speaks a number of languages. He obviously has high contacts within the British Government and Society.  He projects an air of mystery about himself and never speaks of his past.  He is clearly stoutly British and well educated.

Jason Bones:  Sir Theodore’s dogsbody.  In his early thirties a career army sergeant who rose from private.  Big strong, bull of a man, not too bright and bares the marks of having got into too many fights - but good to have in a tight spot.

Pamula J Rawbottom:  Petite and pretty, but hides latter it well!  Very capable at taking messages and making tea at meetings.  Carries a knife in her handbag.

The Exotic Explorers Club

The Exotic Explorers Club was originally The Traveller's Club founded in 1819 for members who had travelled or resided abroad; members had to have travelled at least 500 miles from London and foreign gentlemen, with appropriate recommendations are allowed.  It is located between the Athenaeum and the Reform Club on the Pall Mall.  To become eligible to be a member one still has to meet the requirement of travel from 500 miles from London.  To join one also has to be nominated by two other members and then accepted by the committee.  The male committee is chaired by General William Smythe-Johnson.  The female chapter have their own committee chaired by Lady Jane Earl. Membership is not difficult for anyone who can demonstrate they have been to unexplored areas or has the wealth and the stated intention of doing so, or of funding distant expeditions.  Membership is £5 a year.

The main club rooms are situated in the Pall Mall, London with the female member’s rooms being adjacent.  The main club consists of a reception manned by Alfred, elderly and retired from the Royal Artillery, a library (mainly with published journals and donated books), restaurant, lounge, small lecture room, billiard room, card room and ten bedrooms (available for members to rent).  The female member’s rooms consist of a reception manned by Carmilla Jones, rumoured to have been one of the wives of a sultan, a small restaurant and reading room and 3 bedrooms.

The EEC funds two expeditions a year for its members, usually getting government or business sponsorship.  The destination and members who go on it are decided by the (male) committee.

Famous members are Col. Leopold Winterbottom, Africa and Arthur C Clarke, Mars.


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